CUTRAC Overview

The Credit Unions Training Center is a creation of CUA. The idea of building the training centre started about five years ago when management of CUA thought that the cost of running its training programmes for its members at hotels was becoming too high. Because training forms an essential part of the Credit Union business, it was a very good decision made, and this gave birth to CUTraC.

” If indeed “Knowledge is Power”, then CUTraC is the “Power House” of CUA. ”


The training center was officially opened for use by the current President of Ghana Mr. John Dramani Mahama in May 2010 to carry through a part of the Mission of CUA, which is, “providing quality financial and technical services to members”. At the moment the German Savings Bank Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC) is supporting CUA to develop new courses to add to existing courses. The Loan Officers, Member (Customer) Care and General Risk Management courses are on the bill till the end of 2011.

CUTraC has conference room facilities that can accommodate between 100 and 600 with accompanying syndicate rooms that can take between 30 and 40 people and which can also be used for small group discussions. There is an executive board room in the conference centre. All rooms are fitted with high capacity air conditioners for clients’ best comfort. An internet café is about complete for use.

Also available is a well built and furnished hostel with ACs and water heaters. Presently, 45 rooms with the capacity of accommodating 75 participants are available. An ultra-modern restaurant is available.

The CUTraC is not used by Credit Unions every day of the year. Besides, the facilities are most of the time more than the Credit Unions need at a time. So the place is open to receive cooperate institutions and groups who would like to run their programmes here. You need to come to CUTraC because:

•    We have a very serene atmosphere at the outskirts of the city,
•    Our prices are unbelievably good,
•    Water and power supply is always available,
•    Available minibus services for groups that may need it,
•    Very large parking space, and
•    Very smart and friendly workforce that are always at your service.