Who We Are

In September 1955, the first credit union in Africa was formed at Jirapa in the North – West now the Upper West Region The idea was introduced by Rev.Father John McNulty an Irish Canadian.

In 1960, when Pope John XXIII appointed Bishop Dery as the Bishop of Wa he encouraged the formation of Credit Unions in all the Parishes. Among them were Nandom, Kaleo, Ko, Daffiama, Wa, Lawra and Tumu. The Bishop gathered courage at that time and met the President Dr. Francis Kwame Nkrumah to discuss issues relating to the Credit Unions movement in Ghana. The President of the first Republic finally said – You are doing a good service to Ghana and I encourage you to continue and its from here that Credit Unions began to develop throughout Ghana. Memberships were considered such an honour and previlege that aimost everybody wanted to be a member.

” You are doing a good service to Ghana and I encourage you to continue. ”

President Dr. Francis Kwame Nkrumah to our Founding Father


In 1967, the Credit Unions in the North were united in a chapter because the White Fathers had been advisors to all of them and Credit Unions in the south alsao felt a need for joining together for training programs and an exchange of experience.

Following a meeting sponsored by CUMA International in Lesotho in January, 1968 the idea of a National Association in Ghana was conceived. A follow-up conference was held in April in Tamale the same year giving birth to the Ghana National Union and Thrift Association, the forerunner of the Ghana Cooperative Credit Unions Association(CUA) Limited. The duties of CUA limited were to promote, educate, organize and support the Credit Union Movement nationally and internationally.

We affiliates to the African Confederation of Co-operative Savings and Credit Association(ACCOSCA) and the World Council of Credit Unions(WOCCU).



The Ghana Co-operative Credit Unions Association(CUA) Limited exists to promote and empower Credit Unions by offering high quality specialized financial and non-financial services to members.



To be a Self-sustainable Model Apex Co-operative Financial Institution in Africa

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