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Credit Unions in the Eastern Corridor CUA/SEND partnership emerged out of the need to use Credit Unions as a vehicle for promoting livelihood security in the Eastern Corridor. The partnership applied the Credit Union and Farmer Co-operative Framework to complement each other to promote livelihood security.

CUA and SEND have worked together since the 1999/2000 to develop these institutions.

– Increased the number of Credit Unions from 1 in 2001/2002 to the present the number of 11 in the Eastern Corridor
– Membership of Credit Unions has increased from less than 3000 to 17,146
– Total savings mobilized in communities within the Eastern Corridor increased significantly to the current GHC 1,827,166.99
– SEND paid office space for CUs at the beginning, but these CUs are currently paying operational costs

– Institution building and successful implementation of Micro finance with Credit union model by SENDFiNGO and CUA
– CUs have been the pivot to strengthen social agenda (peace building, gender, etc) within the communities
– Developed Farmer Co-ops from Zero to a current number of 47 with a total membership of 1,763 farm families.
– Developed an agriculture finance component for farmer co-ops with the CUs (Inventory and production credit)
– Expanded to the sub-region (SEND/CUA in Sierra Leone and Liberia)

SENDFiNGO is an independent financial non-governmental organization and subsidary of SEND Foundation of West Africa.
The mission of SENDFiNGO is to promote socio-economic wellbeing of resource poor men and women in Northern Ghana by developing Credit Unions with micro finance orientation. It is managing two types of financial services: Credit Union funds which are mobilized by the members and Eastern corridor women and the micro-finance grand fund provided by CORDAID.
In 2010 it was operational in the following 9 districts: Kete Krachi, East Gonja, Kpandai, Nanumba North, Nanumba South, Cherepon, Zabazugu-Tatale, Tamale Municipal, and East Mamprusi.

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