CUA has the ability as a unifying force of all credit unions in the country to meet any organize body on issues of the primary societies, deliberate and concludes thus in the interest of the primary societies. It is a mother body and able to regulate and supervise the activities of the credit unions. It could sanction a credit union not conforming to the rules and regulations in its operations.

It has the lowest interest rate in the financial market on loans contracted by its members. CUA has various departments in operation to sustain all the credit unions in the country. It tries to promote  the image of all the credit unions and educate the primary societes of good customer care and efficient management of the resources.

First CU founded in Ghana: 1955
Foundation of CUA: 1968
Head Office: Accra
Regional Offices: 11
Total number of employees: 160

Membership: 490,167
Number of CUs: 455
Number of Employees: 2,384
Member Deposits (shares and savings): GHC 475,966,676
Loans Ourstanding: GHC 289,861,735
Total Assets:565,435,725
Liquity levels: 167,367,557

Source: 18th CUA Educational and Biennial Conference Report, May 2014