CUA is the umbrella body of all Co-operative Credit Unions in Ghana. It provides an enabling environment for financial and other technical services to its members and also ensuring that the Credit Union concept is promoted properly to become a household word.

CUA is to regulate and supervise all the Credit Unions in the country on behalf of the Bank of Ghana and other interested groups for  sanity to prevail in the market.

CUA provides services to all the Credit Unions in Ghana that is examining premises and equipments for provision of licence to commence business. Secondly, providing materials to all the Credit Unions for administrative purposes. Also, auditing accounts of the credit unions in accordance to the law of Auditing just to ensure that there is fareness and justice in the administration of funds in the credit unions in Ghana. Similarly, all the credit unions are requested to deposit some percentage of funds into statutory reserves and deposit guarantee schemes so that in times of difficulties, CUA provides all the financial assistance to the credit union in trouble.

CUA also meets with stakeholders in the formulation of rules and regulations of the credit unions in the country.

CUA is member of the Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network  (GHAMFIN) and co-operates with the Department of Co-operatives of the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare and the Ghana C-operative Council.