• Why Should I Join a Credit Union?

    They have better Rates and Lower Fees: Since credit unions are non-profit organization, they offer the lowest interest rate. On the whole credit unions offer higher rates on savings and lower interest on loans.

  • How do I join a Credit Union?

    You take a Credit Union of your choice, go to the premise and fill a simple form and agree to pay the required entrance fees and a minimum share as required by the credit union. A new member may be required to save at least a minimum among (as prescibeed by the Board) regularly. Clubs and organizations and children may join the Credit Union. There is joint membership. A man and his wife can open a joint account with the credit union.

  • How do I form a Credit Union?

    Visit the Form a Credit Union Page for criteria on how to form a credit union.

  • How do I get to browse all the Credit Unions in Ghana

    Visit the Credit Union in Ghana Page for the list.